Sherry Rossini

Rossini Exhale 2

Sherry Rossini

Rossini was formally trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the country’s first art museum and art school founded in 1805. With a rich history in classical tradition, Rossini received the Master of Fine Art in 2022.

Through residencies in Pietrasanta, Italy, Rossini was formally trained specifically in marble carving traditions passed down from generations of master artisans in the region. Rossini’s sculptures are hand carved from marble stone sourced from the Altissimo mountains of Carrera where she spent time meditating and connecting with the source of the material that she is drawn to.

Rossini’s work expresses a deep connection and appreciation for classical materials and traditions such as marble and bronze yet offers the parallel connection to today’s contemporary time. Her current series titled Breath Forms are a contemporary abstract collection of sculptures carved in Carrara marble and Italian alabaster inspired through meditation. The work carries various interpretations such as ocean waves, a flower blossoming, or the air entering and exiting the body. A new beginning unfurling from the inside. 

“This work is an exploration grounded through meditation. Through these practices I turn my focus inward to the breath and root into the energy of the earth around me. As I inhale and exhale, images appear in my mind of the breath breathing the body. Each breath becomes a form itself, existing in its own moment. Honoring the life force energy as the source, the Breath Forms series is developed offering a symbolic permanence to these ephemeral moments.” 

- S. Rossini

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