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Insurance Services

When Accidents Happen

Whatever the root of the insurance claim—fire, smoke, water, human (it happens)—we’ll work either directly with the insurance company or the claimant throughout the entire recovery process.

We’ll start with a thorough inventory and assessment of the damage. From that, we’ll provide a written estimate and counseling on the various available courses of action. As soon as one is approved, we’ll pack, remove and transport the piece(s) in question to our conservation studio. Throughout the restoration, we’ll provide full insurance coverage and, upon completion, detailed treatment reports. Return delivery and installation are also provided.

Accidents are a part of life. We’ve rescued enough art from serious damage to know that even when it looks bleakest, all is not lost. In fact, we’ll ensure, to the best of our ability, that very little is lost.

Conservation Cleaning Microscope
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