New Breath, Hand Carved Italian Alabaster Stone Sculpture

Sherry Rossini

Italian Alabaster and Brass, 22.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches

One-of-a-kind, 2022

Presented is a one-of-a-kind single edition sculpture by female sculptor artist Sherry Rossini. Hand carved by the artist from alabaster stone that was imported from Italy. The base also is carved from the same imported alabaster stone. The sculpture seemingly floats weightlessly but is attached and secured with solid brass rod to the base providing stability. This sculpture can be considered abstract contemporary, non- representational, but also considered representational as it carries interpretations such as floral, a flower in process of blooming, a shell, an ocean wave, a new beginning, or a new breath unfurling. For the artist it represents a new beginning. The work evokes a captivating ethereal energy with soft curvatures and details from every angle of view. The alabaster has a radiant translucency that when positioned near light one can almost see through it. 

History: This work New Breath has been exhibited in 2022 at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum and Gallery, in 2023 at the Noyes Museum of Art, and is now available for private collection. 

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