O 1010 Leight 15 Point of View 26 x 40

Ray Leight, The Path to En"Leight"enment

Gallery News / 04.11.2024

(West Point, Pennsylvania, 1931 - 2011) Ray Leight was born in 1931 and resides in the small town of West Point, Pennsylvania. Leight has painted and sculpted since childhood without formal training. Leight was a published cartoonist at the age of sixteen and progressed professionally as a successful draftsman for Ford Motor Company, an award-winning designer, an author and illustrator of children's books, a founder of a successful educational toy company and an accomplished artist. He has exhibited his work throughout the United States and abroad, including a solo exhibition in 1993 at Fudan University Museum, Shanghai. Leight's work there was the first ever exhibited of an American artist. His work is colorful and playful -- whimsical in the tradition of Calder and Peter Max. 

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