Severin Roesen

1815 - 1872

Gratz Gallery Outside

Severin Roesen

Severin Roesen was born in 1815 in Germany near Cologne. He may have studied in Dusseldorf to be a porcelain and enamel painter. In 1848 he emigrated to the United States with his family. He lived, worked and exhibited in New York City until 1852 when he moved to Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

A pioneer in the American still-life genre, Roesen helped to pave the way for floral themes in American art. His paintings suited American tastes in that they reflected mid-19th optimism in the richness and abundance of the nation. For many of his still lifes, he used the popular oval format with heightened palette and detailed attention to each piece of fruit or flower. Mysteriously, Roesen left Williamsport in 1872, and nothing further is known about him.