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Leonard Nelson
Leonard Nelson, Les Comptiteurs

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Radioactive Human Residue

Nelson Shanks
Nelson Shanks, Nude

Evelyn Faherty
Evelyn Faherty, Stover Mill

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Mosquito On Orange Mountain

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Lunar Encounter With A Child

Leonard Nelson
Leonard Nelson, Color Abstract

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Modernist Still Life

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Landscape

Russel Patterson
My Villa in Normandy

Edward Bell
Edward Bell, The Mirror

Emile A. Gruppe
Emile A. Gruppe, Gloucester Morning

Alfred Nunamaker
Alfred Nunamaker, Along the Delaware, Winter

James C Magee
James C Magee - Cape May Beach Scene

Henry Ryan MacGinnis, Portrait of a Lady

Paul Emile Lecomte
Paul Emile Lecomte, Saint Peters Port, Brittany, France

Ernest Lawson
Ernest Lawson, Evening Scene

Walter Emerson Baum
Walter Emerson Baum - Pennsylvania German Village

Glenn Harrington
Glenn Harrington, Sycamore on the Canal

Stanley Reckless
Stanley Reckless, Sunlight and Shadows

Harry Leith-Ross - In the Meadows

Paulette Van Roekens
Paulette Van Roekens, Shadow and Light

Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine
Cows, Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine

Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine
Horse Show, Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine

Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine
Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine - Barclay Hunt

Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine
The Paddock Newbury, Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine

Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine
Policeman, Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine

Peter Howell
Clearing the Jump, Peter Howell

Peter Howell
Bottom of Waren Hill, Peter Howell

Peter Howell
On the Way to Mandown - Lambone, Peter Howell

Peter Howell
Six Horses with a Tower, Peter Howell

Peter Howell
Single Horse Walking by House, Peter Howell

Peter Howell
To the Gallops, Peter Howell

Walter Emerson Schofield, Woodland Vista

Emma Fordyce Macrae, Lady in Red

S. George Phillips, Delaware Water Gap

Harry Leith-Ross, Solebury Backyard

Henry Ryan MacGinnis, Tiger Lillies

Kenneth Rollo Nunamaker
Kenneth Rollo Nunamaker, Delaware River View

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, School Girl

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, Hand on Heart

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, Cubist Self Portrait

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, White on White Blue

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, Green Landscape

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, Snap Peas

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, Resting

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, School Boy

Joseph Pearson, Jr.
Joseph Pearson Jr., Horses Feeding

Joseph Crilly
Joseph Crilly, Derelict

Richard Lennox
Richard Lennox, Afternoon Light in the Valley

Jimmy Lynch
Jimmy Lynch, Rich Hollow

Hugh Breckenridge
Hugh Breckenridge, Blue Landscape

John Finnie
John Finnie, Sunset Windmill

Hugh Breckenridge
Hugh Breckenridge, Delaware River Scene

C Bertram Hartman
C. Bertram Hartman, Canyon de Chelly - Arizona

Louis Bosa
Louis Bosa, New Hope Canal

S. George Phillips
S. George Phillips, Fall on the Delaware

Lois Rapp
Lois Rapp, City Life

Charles Robert Patterson
Charles Robert Patterson, Main Stay

Stango, Marilyn

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