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Marian MacIntosh

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1869 - 1936)

Born in Belfast, Ireland, Marian MacIntosh moved with her family to Philadelphia as a child. Although she showed an interest in the arts from a young age, her father talked against a career in the arts. Instead of pursuing her love of art, she studied Greek and Latin at Bryn Mawr College and taught English for many years. After the death of her parents, she left Philadelphia and lived in Ireland for a time. Soon after, she decided to quit teaching and began to pursue studies in art. She returned to Philadelphia and enrolled in the Philadelphia School of Design at the age of 47. She had her first exhibition with the Philadelphia Ten sometime in the years of 1922-1923, though she only showed a total of seven canvases with the group. MacIntosh spilt her time between New England and Ireland and all of her canvases convey feeling and the passion she felt for her art.

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