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Maude Drein Bryant

(Pennsylvania / 1880 - 1946)

Maude Drein Bryant's still lifes of flowers and pots were featured and widely lauded when she exhibited with the Philadelphia Ten in 1923. Painted in a post-impressionist style, Bryant's still lifes are reminiscent of the work of Paul Cezanne and Vincent van Gogh with their vigorous brush strokes and bold colors. Her landscapes are similar to impressionist works done in this period by artists of the New Hope school in both their composition and palette. Perhaps her proximity to Phillips Mill - the epicenter of the New Hope School of artists - influenced Bryant's work in a number of ways. Like those of Edward Redfield and others, Bryant's landscapes appear to have been painted plein-air, with no further alterations.

Born in Wilmington, Delaware on May 11, 1880, Maude Drein enrolled in the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts at the age of nineteen and studied under Thomas Anschutz, Hugh Breckenridge and William Merritt Chase -- all of whom were mentors to the Philadelphia Ten artists who attended the PAFA. It was during her days as a student there that Maude Drein met her future husband Everett Lloyd Bryant, sixteen years her senior, who was studying with Anschutz at his Fort Washington, Pennsylvania studio. Drein and Bryant married in 1904. Following a summer trip to Paris where Maude Drein Bryant attended the Academie Colarossi, the Bryants purchased "Brookside Studios" on the Perkiomen Creek in Hendricks, Pennsylvania, and made it their home for many years. Many of the landscapes featured in the exhibition depict vistas from the Perkiomen Valley area. During Maude Bryant's most productive years, between 1914 and 1930, she exhibited her work nationally and won a number of awards, including the 1914 John Lambert Fund Purchase prize for emerging artists from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. That award-winning painting now hangs at the Academy next to one of her husband's works. Maude Drein Bryant died at age 66 in Wilmington, Delaware, where she had been born.

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