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Eleanor Abrams
(Butler, Pennsylvania / 1885 - 1967) Originally from Butler, Pennsylvania, Eleanor Abrams came from a wealthy family. She specialized in painting flower still lives and garden scenes, especially from Bermuda where she often wintered. Besides painting, she was also known to have worked as an Occupational Therapist during WWI. Abrams came to Philadelphia at the age of twenty to pursue her art studies and first shared a studio with Lucile Howard and Cora S. Brooks in Philadelphia, then later with M. Elizabeth Price and Lucile Howard in New York. She studied with Henry B. Snell and Elliott Daingerfield at the Philadelphia School of Design and in the summers with Snell in Gloucester, MA and Daingerfield in Blowing Rock, NC. She won the P. Pemberton Morris prize for Pictorial Illustration from the Philadelphia School of Design when she graduated in 1908. She was known to have exhibited at the Plastic Club, "Thumb Box Sketches" in NY, and the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. She also exhibited her work at the John Dewar Company in 1928. It is also believed that she may have had a one woman show in Pittsburgh around 1921. Some of her paintings can be found on the cover of Literary Digest. Abrams was one of the original members of the Philadelphia Ten, a group of female artists who exhibited together in Philadelphia, and later throughout the East Coast and the Midwest, from 1917 to 1945. She was also a member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, nothing much is known about the last forty years of her life and the bulk of her work was mistakenly dispersed at the sale of her estate in 1982.
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