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Carolyn Wyeth

(1909 - 1994)

The second daughter of N.C. Wyeth, Carolyn Wyeth showed early art talent and studied with her father for nineteen years, the longest of any of his students. She stayed in the family home at Chadds Ford until she died in 1994 and became known for her powerful, introspective work depicting the surrounding land where she lived.

Wyeth painted the world she knew best-the eighteen acres of land that surrounded her home. Her brooding, introspective work displays a raw power, and in spite of her avoidance of publicity, many critics and collectors have discovered her talents.

Although she was a very private, seemingly non self-promoting person as an artist, she was considered the rebel of the family and was highly eccentric and excessive. She felt overshadowed by her siblings Henriette and Andrew, whose talent became widely recognized.


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